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Reached (Matched Trilogy Book 3)

Reached - Ally Condie

This third and final book in the Matched trilogy follows Cassia, Ky and Xander, as they make their way in a post-Society world. Cassia, as a sorter in Central, involves herself in the underground paper trade. Ky and Indie are pilots for the Rising and Xander is working as a Medical Official. What starts out as a promising, mostly un-hostile takeover by The Rising quickly spirals out of control when the carefully planned and contained virus mutates and becomes a pandemic without a cure. As with Matched and Crossed, Condie weaves poetry and art and its value to society throughout as well as giving the reader a good sense of the chaos of revolution by switching between Ky, Xander and Cassia's point of views. Although not as exciting as Crossed, Reached is nevertheless a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.