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Review: The Host by Stephenie Meyer

The Host - Meyer Stephenie

This is the most boring 600 page book about an alien invasion I've ever read. The writing was amateurish and lazy, the characters were flat, esp. the one I'm supposed to care about the most, and the world building was un-creative and ridiculous; a Water World inhabited by plants called See-Weeds, a Fire World, a Plant World, an Ice World? Give me a break. Either Meyer has no imagination whatsoever or she spent too much time playing Super Mario Bros. The plot drags majorly due to the fact that there is no real antagonist. It would seem like there's a pretty decent good vs. evil set- up. After all, you can't have an invading alien race that takes over human bodies and present them as anything other than the bad guys but Meyer goes out of her way to show how peaceful and loving the aliens are. I get it, they have feelings too but clearly some of them are ok with hostile takeover or we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. In the beginning it looks as though the Seeker is going to cause some problems and tension but she pretty much goes away once the action (and I use that term loosely) moves to the rebel hideout where the main problem then becomes how Wanderer fits in and how she deals with loving someone who doesn't even like her and someone loving her who she can't love fully. Yeah, it's real Lifetime movie crap and is about as pointless and un-interesting as it sounds. Melanie's, and by extension Wanderer's, love for Jared and Jamie and later Ian is supposed to be the driving force (again, loosely) behind the plot yet we're only given two flashbacks of Melanie and Jared, their first meeting and then a conversation about their age difference (which wasn't a big deal) and not sleeping together yet. Where's the sexual tension, the falling in love part, the being in love part? If I'm supposed to believe this love is so great that Melanie refuses to give up and go away and the memories alone are enough to make Wanderer love him too I feel like we're missing some key scenes here. Same goes for Ian. I must have missed the falling in love with him parts too. Maybe I nodded off. And let's talk about Wanderer, or should I say Wanda, the most cringe-worthy name since Renesmee. Seriously, can someone please get Stephenie Meyer a baby name book. This name is awful! And despite the other characters saying over and over how much it suits her, Wanda doesn't suit anyone younger than 80 years old. Anyway, I digress, her main personality traits of peace and goodness and self-sacrifice just come across as boring and one-dimensional. For a main character this is a big problem and I never connected with her on any level. I know what I'm supposed to feel but I just don't and if I don't care about the main character it pretty much ruins the whole book for me. As a reader you can see the end coming 595 pages away even though Wanda *cringe* agonizes over it for at least 100 pages before we get there. I can't imagine there being anything else to write about these characters and I know it's nothing I care enough to read about. Instead of stopping while she's ahead, Meyer needs to stop while she's too far behind to catch up.