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Book Review: Requiem by Lauren Oliver

Requiem - Lauren Oliver

Here's the problem, you can't finish a series about the freedom to love with a book that has no love in it. What this book should have been about was Alex and Lena finding each other and learning to love the new people they have become after their experiences in Pandemonium while Julian (who, as far as I'm concerned was never a serious romantic rival for Alex) becomes the figure head of the resistance movement. Instead, what I got was Lena pointlessly walking around in the Wilds interspersed with a post-procedure Hana (Hana?!?) ambivalently wondering around Portland kind of feeling guilty about turning in Alex and Lena and kind of not. Another problem, I couldn't care less what is going on with Hana. Instead of wasting time checking in with Hana in Portland we should have been getting Alex's POV on what was happening with Lena and how he was feeling about the whole situation. For some reason, instead of running into each other's arms and never letting each other go again, which is what ANYONE IN THE WORLD would do when a love that you thought was dead is miraculously alive again, Alex is mad at Lena for I'm not sure what and Lena believes him when he says he never loved her so she just continues things with Julian like nothing even happened. And that's pretty much how they go on throughout the book until the end when Lena finally sits down to have a conversation (novel idea there) with the girl she thinks Alex loves who tells her Alex still loves her and never stopped loving her blah, blah, blah. Suddenly she's over Julian and back on the Alex train where she should have been the whole time. Despite all this there is no satisfying conclusion to their love story and, along with a lot of other stuff, we're left to draw our own conclusions on how it all plays out. The end is another big problem for me. After wondering around in the Wilds for the whole book and seeing bombings and massacres by the government I'm supposed to believe that a poorly planned and disorganized group of rebels can pull off a successful coup, tear down the wall and suddenly everything's going to be ok and everyone lives happily ever after? Sorry, don't buy that. Pretty much everything is wrong with this book. It's not the story that should have been told and is a completely frustrating and unsatisfying conclusion to the series. Everything that happens is pointless and irrelevant and ultimately a massive disappointment. I feel about this book how cureds feel about life, disinterested and uncaring. What a waste of time. Verdict: Silver Linings Playbook this mess.